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At HASOUB, our expanding clientele across diverse sectors attests to the enhanced value streams we bring to their businesses. With consistent growth, we proudly stand among the top 10 systems integrators locally.

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Years experience
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Certified experts
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Customer Support

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Our Comprehensive Services include

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    Elevate business success with our advanced Structured Cabling Solutions. HASOUB serves as your one-stop shop, offering top-tier products to meet diverse network infrastructure needs, ensuring sustained success.

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    Material Supply

    Our comprehensive procurement solutions provide material supply, saving clients time and costs. Adding value, we ensure a competitive edge and heightened customer satisfaction through efficient processes.

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    Infrastructure Solutions

    HASOUB’s Structured Cabling Solutions empower enterprises for mission-critical applications, ensuring today’s success and long-term profitability. A comprehensive one-stop shop for network infrastructure needs.

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    Hasoub offers security solutions, including CCTV systems with cameras, monitors, and recording devices. Used in public areas, homes, and businesses, CCTV enhances security, aids investigations, and provides peace of mind.

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    Datacenter Solutions

    Our specialists offer design, construction, and maintenance for vital Datacenter Facilities. Adhering to international standards, we ensure alignment with client requirements and core business activities.

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    Power – UPS

    Power up with our UPS solutions. Our uninterruptible power supply systems safeguard against outages, ensuring continuous operations and protection for critical equipment, securing your business continuity effortlessly.

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    Cooling – Exagate and Boreas

    Exagate and Boreas, HASOUB’s cutting-edge cooling solutions, optimize temperature control in data centers. These systems ensure efficient cooling, preserving equipment health and enhancing overall operational performance.

Premium Quality Products

Our products are crafted with precision, addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East. Here’s a glimpse into the exceptional products.